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About QC Stats


QC Stats was developed to provide detailed information about Quality Central, Borland's public bug tracking and feature requests system.

It is an ASP.Net application, fully developed using Delphi 2005, entirely made of Delphi code. The charts are generated on the fly using Delphi classes that implement the technique described in this article (and more). DHTML tooltips are provided by the wz_tooltip library.

The data is processed from the Interbase 7.5database that contains the Quality Central data, currently refreshed every 24 hours. That refresh interval will still be adjusted in the future.

QC Stats is still under development. Please provide feedback about this preview using Quality Central itself, both feature requests and bug reports.

Many people contributed to the development of this application. I'd like to thank the whole BDN team for the testing and valuable feedback.

-- Leonel Togniolli

About the data loaded:

Last data refresh: 6/30/2008 4:04:12 AM

Data refresh in progress since 5/24/2018 1:15:56 PM


   Please report any problems you have with Quality Central Stats in Quality Central.

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